226ers Energy Gel 25gr Melon-Caffeine 50mg

226ers Energy Gel 25gr Melon-Caffeine 50mg



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There are situations of maximum physical requirement where a gel product is essential for:
> Easy carry.
> Ease of use.

> Maximum amount of energy available and highly concentrated.

But this is not enough, we must:
> Taking especial care of the origin and quality of the ingredients, providing
carbohydrates of organic origin.
> Provide 10% carbohydrate intake and water (25 g Gel + 250 ml water).
– Its small size allows for easy intake with the correct amount of water.
– Bigger sized energy gels makes it more difficult to mix and drink.
> Using a great mix of carbohydrates (46% amylopectin and 27% maltodextrin + fructose + 27% glucose) guarantees a sustained release of energy.
> Also provides, sodium and potassium in controlled amounts allowing the combination with other products and reduce potential stomach problems.

Depending on your requirements you can choose gels without caffeine or with different amounts of Caffeine:
– Preserves glycogen deposits.
– Mobilizes fatty acids.

– Slows down fatigue during aerobic work. – It increases muscle contraction strength.

Combine it if you need:
> More mineral salts. SALTS Electrolytes 1 capsule per hour + 250 ml of water or 500 ml per hour of ISOTONIC DRINK.
> Liquid energy. ENERGY DRINK 500 ml per hour.
> Solid food. 1 ENDURANCE FUEL BAR per hour + water.

INGREDIENTS Glucose syrup, fructose syrup, amylopectin, water, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, preservatives (potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate) and caffeine in limón-avored, Pineapple&coconut-avored, Melon- avored, Coffee- avored, Forest Fruit- avored and Cola-avored.


Nutritional Information                100g // 25g

Proteins                                    0,05 g // 0,01 g
Carbohydrate                       72,13 g // 18,03 g

    of which sugars                    36,7 g // 9,17 g

Fats                                          0,19 g // 0,05 g

of which saturates                    0,00 g // 0,00 g

Alimentary  fiber                         0,1 g // 0,02 g

Sodium                                    0,74 g // 0,18 g

Potassium                           290 mg // 72,5 mg

Caffeine                                 200 mg // 50 mg

Energy value: 289Kcal 1208kj // 72Kcal 302kj





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